Job Vacancy - Senior Researcher & Head of Cluster


Being located within a unique minority-border region on the Danish-German border and with its important mandate in mind, the ECMI has decided to open a new cluster on German-Danish Minority Issues, aiming both to strengthen research in this evolving field as well as bolster its resonance across the study of European minority issues. The cluster will be launched on 1 September 2022, subject to final confirmation of relevant funding by the Centre’s Founders.

Therefore, the ECMI has now announced a vacancy and invites applications for the position of Senior Researcher and Head of Cluster within the field of “German-Danish Minority Issues”.

The field of “German-Danish Minority Issues” encompasses the academic and policy-relevant study of the broad scope of matters concerning national minorities in the German-Danish border region. These aspects include history, political affairs, law, education, language, culture, anthropology, identity, and organizational development. The Senior Researcher will be responsible for developing this cluster and leading the cluster’s research output, policy-advice activities, external funding applications, project leadership and implementation, dissemination and outreach efforts.

Candidates must have a doctoral degree or equivalent in the social sciences or humanities with a relevant publication record and/or professional activity within the realm of German-Danish minority issues. Candidates should also have a demonstrated awareness of broader European minority issues. Applicants must have excellent command of English in both spoken and written form, sufficient to produce independently publications, reports, presentations, project applications and the like. Additionally, the applicant should be competent in both written and spoken form in either German, Danish or both.

For more information about the vacancy and how to apply, please go to our Career page.

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