The ECMI Spring School Took Place as a Two-Day Webinar

The participants and the ECMI staff in a Zoom webinar
ECMI Junior Research Associate Caitlin Boulter
ECMI Project Assistant Aziz Berdiqulov

The ECMI held an interactive two-day webinar on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June, involving 18 university students of the MA European Studies and BA European Cultures and Society programmes of Europa-Universität Flensburg. The students are normally based in the Flensburg area but originating from across Europe and beyond. Thanks to the online webinar format of the Spring School, even the students who are currently back in their home countries unable to travel due to the COVID-19 related travel bans could fully participate in the event. 

Focused on ethnopolitical situations in Europe, the students were introduced to the concept by ECMI Director Prof. Dr. Vello Pettai in an introductory session on the Friday morning. This was followed by presentations and discussions by several members of the ECMI research team, outlining six different ethnopolitical situations and example groups which spanned across national minorities, indigenous peoples and migrant communities. Sami, Roma, Germans in South Tyrol, South Asians in the UK, and Russians in Estonia were among the groups covered in depth.   

After the seminar had provided the background to understanding and comparing the dimensions of ethnic diversity in Europe, the students used their newly-acquired knowledge in a group work format to discuss a variety of minority communities in Germany. In considering the ethnopolitical situations of these groups, the students were asked to specifically consider the material, social, political and normative resources the groups may have.  

The webinar was held via Zoom and utilised the breakout group function to form smaller groups to facilitate easier discussion. The ECMI Spring School is part of the ECMI Education Programme focused on strengthening of competencies in minority governance and diversity management. 

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