The First Touring Exhibition on Minorities Is Now in Flensburg

Danes ∙ Frisians ∙ Sorbs/Wends ∙ German Sinti and Roma ∙ Low German speakers - The individual stations of the exhibition are spread throughout the University’s library building. They intend to fit into the everyday life of the library in the same way in which the groups presented see themselves as a normal part of the heterogeneous German society.

Hello Germany! What do you mean (by) “minority”? - The First Touring Exhibition on Minorities Is Now in Flensburg.

Danes, Frisians, Sorbs/Wends and the German Sinti and Roma are officially recognised minorities in Germany whilst Low German or Low Saxon (Plattdeutsch) is also one of the languages protected under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

What is the history of these minorities? How do they coexist with the majority community today? What are their hopes and fears? The exhibition Hello Germany! What do you mean – “minority”? seeks to answer these questions. A Berlin design office “translated” the answers and statements into five sculptures which serve as symbolic artworks as well as showcases and media stations.

The exhibition has been initiated by the Minorities Secretariat in Berlin. In early summer this year, it was presented at the German federal parliament and has since been touring within the country. Now it can be seen in the library of the Europa Universität Flensburg for the next six weeks.

Yesterday evening, (Nov.10, 22) the exhibition formally opened. Assoc. Prof. Martin Klatt, Head of the Danish-German Minority Issues Research Cluster at the ECMI,  gave an opening lecture.

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