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Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from the ECMI!
The ECMI team says thank you to all our partners for a productive year 2018 and wishes all of you a wonderful holiday season and a peaceful new year.
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ECMI Minorities Blog: Towards Evidence-Based Minority Policy: Processing of Ethnic Data and Monitoring the Quality of National Minority Protection
Collection of ethnic data is a tool and not a goal. It should be part of a systematic and carefully considered process throughout which the crucial questions on “what type of data or ethnicity and/or race are processed, using which definitions and for which purposes are they collected” are clarified.
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Minorities in the Digital Age: ECMI conducts Expert Workshop
Honoured guests are today in the historic building of the ECMI headquarters. Today and tomorrow the experts will elaborate on Minorities and Digitalization: Minority Languages and Digital Media, Hate Speech, Freedom of Expression and Digital Media, Minority Media and Digitalization, Big data and Minority Protection – all these topics stand on the busy agenda of the intense two-days’ workshop.
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ECMI Minorities Blog: Why the States Fail to Secure Their Minorities: Securitisation and Minority Rights
Sharing spaces in diverse societies and creating fair policies to manage diversity is not always a smooth process, and significant presence of the minorities more often than not leads to some form of insecurity. A notion that minorities pose a threat to the society and social order is used as an excuse by the governments to turn against them, often employing different forms of violence.
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