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ECMI Minorities Blog. Native Others: What Implications Does the Law on Indigenous Peoples Have for Ukraine’s Indigenous Population?

In July 2021, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a Law on Indigenous Peoples. It provides a framework for the protection of the rights of the indigenous peoples of the Crimean Peninsula, namely Crimean Tatars, Karaites and Krymchaks, and excludes Mariupol Greeks as a minority potentially qualifying for the status of the fourth indigenous group residing outside of Crimea. What was the general context of the adoption of the Law? What rights does it envisage? And what could the Law potentially bring to the recognized indigenous peoples? This blog post attempts to answer these questions.

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JEMIE Call for Papers

The Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (JEMIE) welcomes research articles, commentaries, and book reviews from practitioners, academics and students on all aspects of ethnopolitics and minority issues. The deadline for submissions for the next general issue is 15 January 2022.

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Less equal than others: national minorities and the overlooked challenge of socio-economic inequalities


ECMI Minorities Blog. Less equal than others: National minorities and the overlooked challenge of socio-economic inequalities

Socio-economic inequalities are part and parcel of people’s everyday life in any society; yet for people who belong to ethnic, linguistic, religious, or cultural communities, these inequalities tend to be markedly greater than for others. Quite often, national minority communities face higher hurdles in accessing employment and gaining incomes on a par with those of the majority, and have lower access to adequate healthcare services, housing, education, or public services in general. And yet, a conversation about the socio-economic inequalities facing minority communities, the specific challenges they face, or the ways in which their participation might be improved is largely absent.

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ECMI 25th Anniversary Publication Bundles


Two more Anniversary Bundles are out.

After the release of our first thematic bundle Minorities in the Digital Age four weeks ago, the second thematic bundle Non-Territorial Autonomy and the third thematic bundle Self-Determination and Secession are now publicly accessible as well.

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