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Autonomy Arrangements around the World: A Collection of Well and Lesser Known Cases
Levente Salat, Sergiu Constantin, Alexander Osipov, and István Gergő Székely (eds.)
Cluj: Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities
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The volume is edited by Prof. Levente Salat (Political Science Department of Babeş-Bolyai University), Dr. Sergiu Constantin (EURAC), Dr. Alexander Osipov (ECMI) and Dr. István Gergő Székely (Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities). ECMI is pleased to announce the publication of a new book “Autonomy Arrangements Around the World: the Collection of Well and Lesser Known Cases”. The volume compiles the articles presented at the conference on Autonomy Arrangements organized in Flensburg in September 2012. The conference was organized in collaboration with the Political Science Department of Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the European Center for Minority Issues, Flensburg, Germany, and the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The European Academy of Bolzano/ Bozen, Italy, joined the partnership at the editing phase of the present volume, contributing in editing and peer review. The initiative aimed to invite scholars, researchers and practitioners to engage in identifying, researching and analyzing as many operational autonomy arrangements as possible in a standard format, with special focus on the lesser-known cases. The contributions include:

  • Continuity and Change in South Tyrol’s Ethnic Governance, by Elisabeth Alber and Carolin Zwilling
  • Territorial (Sub-State) Autonomy in India, by Thomas Benedikter
  • Weaving Miskito and Mestizo Imaginations: the Atlantic Coast Autonomy of Nicaragua, by José-María Arraiza
  • Jammu and Kashmir: a Case of Eroded Autonomy, by Sergiu Constantin and Karl Koessler
  • The Special Status of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, by Zahid Shahab Ahmed
  • From Soviet National Policy to Contemporary Russian Federalism: the Past and Future of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, by Marharyta Fabrykant
  • The Autonomous Structures of Native American Reservations, by Sherrill Stroschein
  • The Roots, Development and Challenges of Autonomy Claims in Tanzania, by Alexander B. Makulilo and Sergiu Gheghina
  • Power Sharing and Informal Autonomy in the Republic of Macedonia, by Aneta Cekik
  • Fragile Autonomy Arrangements in the Republic of Serbia: The Territorial Autonomy of Vojvodina and the National Minority Councils, by Katinka Beretka
  • Between Importing and Exporting Minority Rights: the Minority Self-Governments in Hungary, by Balázs Dobos
  • National-Cultural Autonomy in Contemporary Estonia, by David J. Smith
  • National-Cultural Autonomy in the Russian Federation: the Case of the Tomsk Oblast, by Sara Barbieri
  • Autonomy Through Sub-State Institutions and Administrative Duality: the Case of Acadians in Canada, by Daniel Bourgeois
  • The Irish Gaeltacht: the Limitations of regional Development and Linguistic Autonomy, by Éamonn Ó Neachtain
  • The (Dys-) Functional Autonomy of the Muslim Turkish Minority in Western Thrace, Greece by Sebahattin Abdurrahman and Ali Huseynoglu

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