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The United Nations Declaration on Minorities
Edited by Ugo Caruso and Rainer Hofmann
Release Date:

Created in order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities (1992-2012), this publication aims to offer readers a comprehensive review, written by a variety of scholars in the field, of the value and impact of the standards formulated in the Declaration. In so doing, it hopes to stimulate attention for and debate around the Declaration and its principles. The regional perspectives and case studies included further enable the identification of positive initiatives and good practices as well as persistent gaps in the implementation of the standards enshrined in the Declaration.

Table of contents

  • Selected Abbreviations; 
  • Foreword Rita Izsák
  • Introduction and Acknowledgements Ugo Caruso and Rainer Hofmann
  • PART I – History and Relevance of the Declaration in the Work of the United Nations
    • Chapter One: Historical Background on the Declaration Alan Phillips
    • Chapter Two: Minority Rights and the United Nations Gudmundur Alfredsson
    • Chapter Three: Article 27 ICCPR: A First Point of Reference Ulrike Barten
    • Chapter Four: An Overview of the UN Declaration and Major Issues Involved Asbjørn Eide
    • Chapter Five: The United Nations Forum on Minority Issues and its Role in Promoting the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities Graham Fox
  • PART II – Challenges and Opportunities in the Implementation of the Declaration 
    • Chapter Six: Participation of Minorities in Constitution Building Annelies Verstichel
    • Chapter Seven: The Enigma of Human Rights Responsibilities: Religious Minorities and the UN Declaration on Minorities Nazila Ghanea
    • Chapter Eight: The UN Declaration on Minorities’ Vision on ‘Integration’ Kristin Henrard
    • Chapter Nine: ‘New’ Minorities, Integration Policies and the UN Declaration on Minorities Stephanie E. Berry
  • PART III – Regional Perspectives 
    • Chapter Ten: The European Regime and the Applicability of the UN Declaration Tove Malloy
    • Chapter Eleven: The 1992 UN Declaration on Minorities and the African Human Rights System Solomon Dersso
    • Chapter Twelve: The Declaration and its Guidance: A View from South Asia Joshua Castellino & Elvira Domínguez-Redondo
    • Chapter Thirteen: ASEAN: Background and Human Rights Mechanisms Arie Bloed & Nicole Girard
    • Chapter Fourteen: The UN Declaration and the Organization of American States Alexandra Tomaselli
    • Chapter Fifteen: History is not a Destiny: Minority Rights and Multiculturalism in the Arab World Eva Pföstl
  • Appendixes; List of Contributors; Index.

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