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European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Volume 18: 2019
Brill | Nijhoff
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Table of Contents


Thematic Articles

1 Recognizing Religious Minority Rights. A Key Tool to Managing Pluralism in the European Court of Human Rights
  Eugenia Relaño Pastor

2 Religious Pluralism and State-Centric Legal Spaces in Europe. The Legacy of the Molla Sali Case
  Kyriaki Topidi


International Developments

3 Advancing Economic and Social Rights, Including Education  in the Context of European Minorities——2019
  Mariya Riekkinen

4 Participation, Citizenship and Transfrontier Exchanges——2019
  Anna Barlow

5 Language Rights of European Minorities in the Administration of Justice, Public Administration and Public Services. International Developments in 2019
  Noémi Nagy

6 Cultural Activities/Facilities and the Media. 2019 Developments in the Context of European Minorities
  Liudmila Ragozina, Gennady Chebotarev, and Elena Titova

National Developments

7 When the Dam Breaks. Catalonia in 2019
  Michael Johns

8 North Macedonia’s Language Law of 2018. Too Good to be True?
  Emma Lantschner

9 Latinizing the Alphabet in Kazakhstan. Rationale, Legal Foundation, and Possible Impact on the Status of the Russian Language
  Mariya Riekkinen, Aizhan Zhatkanbayeva, Kanat Kozhabek, and Gulnar Aigarinova

10 The Rohingya: Myanmar’s Unwanted Minority
  Jatswan S. Sidhu

Book Reviews

Joseph Marko (ed.) and Sergiu Constantin (assistant editor), Human and Minority Rights Protection by Multiple Diversity Governance: History, Law, Ideology and Politics in European Perspective (Routledge, Abington, New York, 2019), ISBN 9781-13-868309-9 (paperback)
  Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark

Rainer Hofmann, Tove H. Malloy, and Detlev Rein (eds.), The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: A Commentary (Brill Nijhoff, Leiden, Boston, 2018), ISBN 978-90-04-33965-1 (hardback)
  Ljubica Djordjević

Anna-Mária Bíró et al (ed.), Populism, Memory and Minority Rights: Central and Eastern European Issues in Global Perspective (Brill Nijhoff, Leiden, Boston, 2018), ISBN 978-90-04-38641-9 (hardback)
  Tibor Toró

Chris Gilligan, Northern Ireland and the Crisis of Anti-Racism. Rethinking Racism and Sectarianism (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2017), ISBN 978-0-7190-8652-6 (hardback)
  Verena Wisthaler

Dorothy L. Zinn, Migrants as Metaphor: Institutions and Integration in South Tyrol’s Divided Society CISU, Rome, 2018), ISBN 9788-87-975658-7 (paperback)
  Andrea Carlà

 Appendix: List of International Norms

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