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European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Volume 19: 2020
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Part 1
Thematic Articles

Section 1
General Articles
 The EU Migration Pact and Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion A Progressive Step or Half Measure?
  Stephanie E. Berry and Isilay Taban

 Policing Blackness in Europe Colonial Entanglements and Contemporary Articulations of Struggle
  Vanessa E. Thompson

 The Making of Borders and Minorities Revisiting the Plebiscites after World War i
  Jørgen Kühl

Section 2
Special Focus: Covid-19 and Minorities

 Minorities and Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic Health Inequalities and Discrimination
  Katharina Crepaz

 Securitization of Minorities under Covid-19 Discourses, Practices, and Historical Antecedents
  Andrea Carlà and Marika Djolai

 Self-Rule and Covid-19 Times On How the Pandemic Unveiled Rigidities and Elasticities of the Self-Government Institutional Framework
  Mireia Grau-Creus, Jordi Garcia-Muniesa and Ander Errasti

Part 2

Section 1
International Developments
 The Rights of European Minorities Justice, Public Administration, Participation, Transfrontier Exchanges and Citizenship—International Developments in 2020
  Noémi Nagy

 Sociocultural and Economic Rights, Education, and the Media in the Context of European Minorities—International Developments in 2020
  Mariya Riekkinen

Section 2
National Developments
 Sami Land Rights: Recent Developments in Swedish Case Law
  Christina Allard

 “One Nation—One Language” The Ambiguity of the State Language Policy and Policy Towards Minorities in Contemporary Latvia and Ukraine
  Ksenia Maksimovtsova

 The Autonomy Movement of Hungarians in Romania
  Levente Salat, István Gergő Székely and Dorottya Lakatos

Part 3
Book Reviews
 Katharina Crepaz, Ulrich Becker and Elisabeth Wacker (eds.), Health in Diversity—Diversity in Health. (Forced) Migration, Social Diversification, and Health in a Changing World (Springer, Wiesbaden, 2020), e-ISBN 978-3-658-29177-8 (e-book)

 Olgun Akbulut and Elçin Aktoprak (eds.), Minority Self-Government in Europe and the Middle East. From Theory to Practice (Brill, Leiden, 2019), isbn 978-90-04-40544-8 (hardcover)

 Norina Bogatec and Zaira Vidau (eds.), A Community at the Heart of Europe. Slovenes in Italy and the Challenges of the Third Millennium (Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020), isbn 978-1-5275-4622-6 (hardback)


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