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Minority Issues in the Republic of Belarus, Europe and the World
ed. by Alexander Osipov and Hanna Vasilevich
Minsk: Medisont
Release Date:

This compilation of overviews and analytical notes is a valuable help for minorities, scholars and government officials in their pursuit of their activities concerning ethno-cultural affairs. This volume is the first handbook issued by ECMI in the Russian language, as well as the first publication of its kind in Belarus. The book comprises three overviews respectively of the universal instruments, as well as European mechanisms for minority protection and linguistic rights of minorities. Rounding this out are three analytical commentaries on minority-related norms and policies. The book also includes Alexander Osipov's article which explains the relevance of the European minority regime for Belarus and a list of useful internet sources on minority issues. The book's target audience includes minority and other civil society activists, governmental officials, journalists, scholars and students of social sciences and humanities. The handbook seeks to raise the Belarusian public's awareness of minority issues and their importance for the country.

This handbook was issued in the framework of the ECMI Belarus programme.

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