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Vol. 1: Early compliance of non-States Parties with the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages : A Handbook with twenty proposed instruments of ratification / Regional or Minority Languages in non-States Parties /
Ewa Chylinski and Mahulena Hofmannová (eds.)
Flensburg: European Centre for Minority Issues
Release Date:

Regional or Minority Languages in non-State Parties presents the description of the situation of minority languages in the country, the compliance of the national legislation with the provisions of the ECRML and proposals for instruments of ratification. With this Handbook, it is hoped that the respective states, the civil society organizations and other stakeholders will use it as a guide to address the ratification possibilities as an achieveable goal set out of practical convenience. We hope that it will be used as a tool and will add a new momentum to the ECRML ratification process.

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