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Vol. 2: Mechanisms for the Implementation of Minority Rights
Council of Europe Publishing
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Mechanisms for the implementation of minority rights is the second in ECMI's Handbook series on Minority Issues. The book offers a comprehensive and critical overview of the political and legal mechanisms that are available at both the European and international levels for the implementation of minority rights standards. Separate chapters cover the United Nations treaty monitoring bodies; the proceedings before the International Court of Justice, the Council of Europe's treaties and mechanisms, the OSCE political commitments and mechanisms, and the EU contribution to the protection of minorities and the prevention of discrimination. In each chapter, the authors discuss prospects for the future and provide practical guidance for minority rights practitioners.

This book will be of interest to human rights scholars, students of international law and international relations, non-governmental organisations and other institutions involved in minority issues.


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Introduction - Minority rights, human rights: a review of basic concepts, entitlements and implementation procedures under international law
by Gaetano Pentassuglia

Chapter 1 - The United Nations treaty monitoring bodies and minority rights, with particular emphasis on the Human Rights Committee
by Alexander H.E. Morawa

Chapter 2 - The role of the United Nations Working Group on Minorities
by Asbjørn Eide

Chapter 3 - The International Court of Justice
by Frank Selbmann

Chapter 4 - Using the European Court of Human Rights to protect the rights of minorities
by Fernand de Varennes

Chapter 5 - The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
by Alan Phillips

Chapter 6 - The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
by Stefan Oeter

Chapter 7 - Implementing minority rights in the framework of the CSCE/OSCE
by Claus Neukirch, Katrin Simhandl, and Wolfgang Zellner

Chapter 8 - European Union standards and mechanisms for the protection of minorities and the prevention of discrimination
by Kyriaki Topidi

Chapter 9 - Bilateral agreements and their implementation
by Emma Lantschner

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