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Issue 3/2002
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JEMIE - Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe is a peer-reviewed electronic journal edited under the auspices of the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI). JEMIE is a multi-disciplinary journal, which addresses minority issues across a broad range of studies, such as ethnopolitics, democratization, conflict management, good governance, participation, minority issues and minority rights. It is devoted to analysing current developments in minority-majority relations in the wider Europe, and stimulating further debate amongst academics, students and practitioners on issues of instability and integration that are hampering democratic development in Europe - both East and West.

Special Issue - Developments in Non-Discrimination Legislation

Are non-discrimination rules a proper tool for advancing minority rights and is there even such a thing as an enforceable right to be different in a democratic state? What role, if any, does the concept of equality play in advancing minority rights protection and how far should the law seek to implement formal or material equality?This Special Focus seeks to provide answers to these questions as well as identify emerging approaches to legislating non-discrimination and equality. The authors in this special focus examine new international legal rules (such as the 12th Additional Protocol to the European Convention of Human Rights) and current trends in international and (comparative) constitutional jurisprudence and practice. Apart from legal issues, authors also look at the political consequences of advancing non-discrimination legislation, particularly with respect to minority-majority relations. 


The Concept of Non-Discrimination: An Introductory Comment
Alexander H. E. Morawa 
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The Drafting of a Law against Discrimination on the Grounds of Racial or Ethnic Origin in Germany: Constraints in Constitutional and European Community Law
Frank Selbmann
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The Limits of Pluralism: Recent Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights with Regard to Minorities: Does the Prohibition of Discrimination Add Anything?
Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark
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Non-Discrimination and Equality in the Right of Political Participation for Minorities
Steven Wheatley
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