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#68: Report on the Simulation Game “Fighting Right Wing Populism”
Raul Carstocea and Viktoria Martovskaya
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The main goal of the project “Fighting Right Wing Populism” was to develop and conduct a simulation game that tackles the sources, reasons, dynamics and effects of right wing populism in Europe. The simulation game was developed by a group of experts (academics and practitioners of youth work), tested five times in different contexts and adopted to the needs of young people between 18 and 35 years. As a result of the project we provide this manual for trainers of non-formal education, as well as for teachers at schools and lecturers at universities. It includes a chapter dealing with the definition of right wing populism that we developed within the group, a general introduction to simulation games and a description of how to facilitate and use the method of simulation game, and further suggestions of how to set up a workshop with simulation games. The materials required to conduct a simulation game are attached to this report.

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