Diversity Management and Interculturalism

In light of a changing political scene in Europe, inclined to lean towards far-right movements and populism, the research theme focuses on understanding multiplicities and plural conceptions of societies.

Minority identity, especially in its intersectional dimensions, is placed at the centre of inquiries to understand, highlight and challenge fixed categories of recognition. The management of difference and the contemporary models that aim to organize diverse societies along multiple identity markers can be useful indicators on to how to live in diversity, with emphasis on the empirical dimensions of minority recognition.



  • Global Pluralism Monitor
    • Global Pluralism Monitor (formerly, the Global Pluralism Index) is an action-oriented tool that examines the treatment of diversity holistically. The Monitor focuses on the interplay between institutional and cultural responses to diversity to evaluate inclusionary and exclusionary practices across society. The Monitor is developed by Global Centre for Pluralism (Canada). Dr. Topidi is involved as an expert developing a report on Germany.



  • International Summer School "Human Rights in Theory and Practice" / Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) / Sep 2021
    • Dr. Topidi giving a lecture "Decisions by an Institution of Principle: Proportionality, Necessity in a Democratic Society and the Margin of Appreciation"


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