Minority Rights and Social Movements: Between the Local and the Global

The individual in the 21st century is a member not only of his family, community, locality or state. He or she is considered also a member of the global society. More interconnected than ever, human beings move at unprecedented speed between places, raising minority claims more often than before.

This research track will focus on how minority identity is affected today by globalization and how individuals and groups use the available human rights tools to defend, promote or pursue their minority identities. Whether an ethnic or national minority, a religious or cultural one, a gender one or all the above, the project will explore the possibilities and room for innovation and creativity around minority identity and rights social mobilization.

Inherently comparative, genuinely global and unambiguously interdisciplinary, the research aims to map and reflect on ways that minority rights movements in their infinite diversity act as ‘translators’ between a cosmopolitan awareness of minority rights with local socio-cultural understandings. In a world where populism, hate speech and societal tensions along identity markers thrive, this exercise appears justified and very needed.



  • Minority Rights and Social Change, Routledge [together with Eugenia Relano – Pastor], forthcoming




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