Official Use of Minority Languages

The use of minority languages is not only one of the central minority rights, but also one of the most problematic. Whereas the private use of minority languages seems to be uncontested throughout Europe, difficulties with public use persist to various degrees almost everywhere. This topic within the Justice and Governance cluster focuses on the existing tensions between state languages and minority languages. It examines the possibilities for persons belonging to national minorities to use their minority language in communication with public authorities, to have their personal names used in their original form, and to display topographical indications in minority languages.


Project Activities:

  • Document analysis for the Evaluation of the Schleswig-Holstein Law on the Promotion of National Minorities (use of minority and regional languages).
    More info can be fund here.



  • ECMI Conversations with Experts, Episode 9: Traps of Official Language Policies (Prof. Dr. Igor Lakić)


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