ECMI 25th Anniversary Publication Bundles

Over the ECMI’s first quarter century, the Centre has contributed to producing nearly 700 academic and policy-oriented publications. This scholarship has spanned a wide range of forms from journal articles and books to policy briefs and project reports. Most importantly, it includes having helped to undergird the field of minority issues by producing key publication platforms like the ECMI Working Papers, the Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (JEMIE) and the European Yearbook of Minority Issues (in collaboration with Brill publishers).  

To celebrate this legacy, the ECMI commissioned an analysis of this entire collection, aiming to identify key analytical areas, where the ECMI’s publications have had the most impact. Carried out by Pablo Gavira Diaz from the University of Kiel, the analysis singled out 10 themes, where across the last 25 years a clear thread of scholarly advancement can be seen thanks to the ECMI’s publications. Pablo Gavira Diaz drew on all of the ECMI’s outlets to find ways in which these works could be re-combined into special thematic bundles. For each bundle, Pablo has written a short introductory text, giving readers an insight as to what the publications say about a given theme. 

The idea behind the bundles is to offer scholars, students and the interested public an opportunity to find a quick compilation of the ECMI’s most important contributions to the development of a certain area of research on minority issues. Scholars can employ them as reference points for the field, while students can use them as a speedy introduction to a potential thesis topic or research project. Overall, the list of bundles represents a mapping out of the key themes in the discipline drawing on the heritage of the ECMI. 

We want to thank Pablo Gavira Diaz for carrying out this extensive analysis! 

We are also very pleased to release these bundles in collaboration with Brill, which has kindly allowed selected publications from the European Yearbook of Minority Issues to be accessed for free on their website.  

Each bundle can be viewed under the squares below. The 10 bundles will be released successively throughout our anniversary celebrations in 2021 and will remain available into 2022. Each new bundle will be announced on social media and other communication channels. We look forward to your reactions and feedback! 

Vello Pettai 
ECMI Director 

ECMI Founders