Viktoria Aygül

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Viktoria is an ECMI researcher. Her sphere of interests covers discourse analysis, analysis of political rhetoric, hate speech, populism/right-wing populism in the contemporary world. Apart from that Viktoria is also interested in methods of non-formal education, and extensively uses them in her work as a teacher and a trainer in order to equip her students and pupils with better understanding of complex topics of minority rights. .

Viktoria started being interested in minorities already during her studies at the Saint-Petersburg State University in Russia and devoted her Bachelor diploma to the problem of adaptation of the Russian immigrants in Germany. Currently, Viktoria holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, a Master‘s degree in Diplomacy of Russian Federation and Foreign Countries (both acquired at the Saint-Petersburg State University, School of International Relations) and a Master of Arts in European Studies (from the University of Flensburg, Germany). Viktoria speaks Russian (mother tounge), English (fluent), German (fluent) and Turkish (basic knowledge).

Selected publications


Martovskaya, V. (2019). Right-wing Populism: A General Overview of Current Trends. In T.H. Malloy and C. Boulter (Eds.). Minority Issues in Europe: New Ideas and Approaches. Volume 2. (pp. 165-190). Berlin, Germany: Frank & Timme GmbH. 

Martovskaya, V. (2015). Political Rhetoric and the Challenges to Diversity in Russia. ECMI Working Paper 89. Available at:

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