Global Pluralism Monitor

Time period: 2019 – 2012

Funding: joint financing


The Global Pluralism Monitor (formerly, the Global Pluralism Index) is an action-oriented tool that examines the treatment of diversity holistically and comparatively across the globe. The Monitor focuses on the interplay between institutional and cultural responses to diversity to evaluate inclusionary and exclusionary practices across society. It is developed by the Global Centre for Pluralism (Canada). In 2019, the Monitor was successfully piloted in a limited number of countries. These pilots were followed by a period of intensive methodological review to enhance the rigour of the Monitor’s methodology/ design.

The project overall aims to produce country assessment reports for 30 countries by the end of 2022 and is developing the partnerships and infrastructure required to support this aim. Kyriaki Topidi was involved as an expert developing (together with Viktoria Aygül) a report on Germany, which gives an overview of legal commitments (e. g. implementation of inclusive laws), the environment for claims-making and contestation vis-a-vis the state, pluralism in news media, group based inequalities, and intergroup relations. The report also included recommendations and scoring based on the assessment criteria of the Global Centre for Pluralism.

The next phases of the project will include public engagement with the report’s findings and its publication.

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Kyriaki Topidi

Senior Researcher

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