Socio-economic participation and consultative mechanisms in Central Asia

Time period: Nov 2021 – Dec 2022

Funding: €12,902

The OSCE’s High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNN) has supported the effective participation of national minorities in public, political, and social life as part of the office’s ethnic conflict prevention strategies.

In order to analyse the barriers for inclusion of minorities in Central Asia and to enhance their participation in political life, the HCNM commissioned the ECMI in November 2021 to conduct research and prepare in-depth reports on two topics:

  1. Socio-economic participation of national/ethnic minorities in Central Asia; and
  2. Consultative mechanisms for national/ethnic minorities in Central Asia.

The ECMI team consisting of Aziz Berdiqulov, Andreea Cârstocea (for the study on socio-economic participation) and Ljubica Djordjević (for the study on consultative mechanisms) started their desk research in November 2021.

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Aziz Berdiqulov


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