Local Partners in Danish-German Border Region

The ECMI has extensive cooperation with multiple partners across Europe and beyond. At the local level we work with our stakeholders in the region as well as with the universities in the Danish-German border region.   

Danish Central Library for South Schleswig consists of several service points in the Danish-German border region, including Flensburg. Throughout the year, the library hosts many events, exhibitions, seasonal festivals, literary events, workshops, lectures, concerts and more. Flensburg library also houses the Research Department and the Schleswig Collection, The research department collects information about the (southern) Schleswig topics and publishes books and articles on the region. The Schleswig Collection is a collection of books and materials of over 50,000 units, documenting the culture and history of South Jutland / Schleswig on the five Schleswig languages ​​and dialects. The Schleswig Collection aims to make Schleswig's cultural heritage accessible to the public. ECMI actively cooperates with the Schleswig Collection and the Danish Central Library on different levels, including library cooperation, research and communication.

European Centre for Minority Issues cooperates at the regional level with a number of institutions and organizations participating in the network DialogForumNorden (DFN) which includes 14 organisations and institutions in Schleswig-Holstein working together for the protection and promotion of minority issues. All four minority organizations of Danish minority, German minority in Denmark, the Frisians and the Roma & Sinti as well as the Minority and Culture Commissioner of Schleswig-Holstein and the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) participate in regular meetings to share information, discuss activities and political aspects of minority participation.

FUEN is a Europe wide umbrella organization for national minorities with head office in Flensburg, Germany. It pursues the goal of preserving the national identity, the language, culture and the history of national minorities in Europe. It follows the idea that a minority can only find a harmonious relationship with the majority population on the basis offree democratic and constitutional principles in peaceful and constructive dialogue through the negotiation of political solutions. The nature of cooperation with ECMI is to use ECMI scholarly knowledge of minority issues in most aspects of minority rights and inclusion. Recently, ECMI provided legal and practical foundations for FUEN documents on the right to minority language education and on the right to political participation. 

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